Innovate Huntsville 2022 is a week of collaboration and celebration of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in North Alabama. The event is dedicated to bringing entrepreneurs, and innovators together with local resources to build momentum and opportunity around Huntsville’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. The week features events, panels, and social activities, including the region’s brightest entrepreneurs, investors, strategic advisors, and community supporters, all of whom contribute to Huntsville’s thriving startup ecosystem.

Taking the unique mix of educational institutions, government and military innovation, a highly skilled and innovative workforce, and coupling that with the availability of co working space, and incubators, along with a healthy economic base, and mix that with just the perfect addition of funding and philanthropy, and Huntsville has one of the most functional and productive ecosystems in the region. Each year the prominent partners in the Huntsville entrepreneurial ecosystem come together to celebrate and encourage the continued successes of each member of the ecosystem. As in past years, there are a variety of programs, seminars, events, panel discussions, etc for the community to participate in. Click here for a complete event schedule.